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Description: Living in apartments in Fayetteville AR near the campus unit means that you?ll have easy access to various amenities on and off-campus, from grocery stores and restaurants to banks and fitness centers. You?ll also have immediate access to public transportation, which will help you save on gas money. Apartments near the University Of Arkansas come with fitness centers and pools, so you can have a place to get some exercise during your breaks, and they also come with door attendants and 24/7 security, so you have extra protection. Living in an apartment will save you money with significantly lower maintenance, utility, and insurance costs. But, even more importantly, you?ll have considerably less stress as you won?t have to deal with a maintenance crew or your landlord every month. If you?re not used to taking care of your own house, this will help you develop the skills and learn when to seek help from professionals. Visit Alight Fayetteville for more information.